5 garden tasks to keep your summer garden singing

Summer is all about enjoying the results of your hard work throughout the spring months. However, don’t relax too much! As any enthusiastic gardener knows, weeds and pests stop for no one, so make sure to keep on top of your summer garden tasks this season. 

Water, water, water! 

As the heat of summer settles in, the soil in your pots and garden beds will dry out more quickly than it did in spring. Keep a close eye on them to make sure your plants aren’t wilting between waterings. Your pots and beds placed in full sun will need to be watered more frequently than those in full or partial shade. 

The best way to know if your container needs water is to stick your finger one knuckle deep down into the soil. If it’s dry at your fingertip, it’s time to water. Be sure to direct the stream of water at the soil and not at the top of the plant, so water is going directly where it needs to be and the roots can soak it right up. 

Whilst you’re at it, clean and refill the bird bath if you have one, it’s important that birds have access to a steady supply of fresh water in the heat. 

Don’t let the weeds take over your summer garden

It goes without saying that the weeds grow faster than the pretty plants you’ve been tending to all season. Staying on top of them and pulling them before they spread is a season-long task, and summer is no different! Catch them before they go to seed and you’ll have less weeding to do later. Be sure to look under your flowers’ leaves for low-growing weeds that may be lurking underneath.  

Tidy up the garden 

If there’s one task that is immediately satisfying and makes a huge difference, it is tidying up the garden. Dedicate one hour and head out with an empty bucket and a sharp pair of pruners. Start by trimming back any bulb foliage that has gone dormant (turned brown) Then, snip off any spent flowers on your perennials. Browning daisies be gone! They will come back, trust us. 

Early summer is also the time you’ll want to print any spring flowering shrubs that have just finished blooming on old wood like lilacs, forsythias and viburnums. These shrubs will set their buds for the following year this summer, so you’ll want to trim them now to avoid accidentally cutting off the new flower buds. 

Support leaning plants and vines

By now, your plants have grown much taller and might be starting to lean over on their neighbours. That’s okay, we all need a little support every now and again! Keep a close eye on them though, if they are leaning so much that their stems could break, it’s time to stake them up. A wide variety of support cages, poles, rings or simple bamboo canes are available from your local garden centre. 

You might also need to add more support to climbing vines that have already reached the top of their trellis (we’re looking at you, Clematis!

Keep on top of the mulch

Sometimes fine mulches break down before the season is over and need to be reapplied in summer. Mulch keeps the plants’ roots cool and retains soil moisture, which is important to keep your plants from getting too stressed in the summer sun. It also covers the bare ground where weeds might try to sprout, stopping them in their tracks and preventing them from reaching the surface. 

Do you need a helping hand with your summer garden maintenance? 

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