Autumn Garden Care

Autumn garden care is all about preparation for the warmer months again, however – it’s not uncommon for gardens in Surrey to experience a deluge of storms during winter, which can mean getting out there isn’t a priority! 

Nonetheless, garden maintenance must go on so we can reap the rewards in the summer. We reap what we sow! 

A few important jobs to add to the list are:

  • Deadhead roses and other plants
  • Trim back shrubs 
  • Use a garden clearance service to remove any garden waste. 

This can make a huge difference to the growth, health and longevity of your garden. Not to mention keeping your garden well organised and ready to enjoy when the weather is warmer again! 

Deadheading roses is a relatively quick and easy job to take care of and will help your plants put more energy into growth so that energy can return inwards during the winter. Leaving the old heads on means energy is wasted and once the flowers are pollinated, they will need everything they can get to keep developing. Not only this, but whilst we are enjoying a milder autumn it will encourage more blooms to continue, providing a valuable source of food for our friendly pollinators. 

With this in mind – once your roses are looking past their best it’s time to deadhead them – pinch off the faded petals and carefully snip the stalk – making sure not to remove new growth. 

There are many other border plants and perennials that will benefit from deadheading, but not all.

Some plants – sunflowers, for example, can be left to seed so you can collect some seeds for the following year, this is a great cost-effective way of doubling your plants for spring/summer. 

Be mindful of prolific self-seeding plants, as this can lead to unexpected growth later on. If you are unsure, it is always a great idea to enrol the help of Rosewood Garden Services, our trained team are well versed in these jobs and here to help! 

Following this, another important part of Autumn garden care is time to look at trimming back shrubs. 

Autumn Garden Maintenance

Shrubs create structure in a garden, so it’s a great idea to think about this when potentially planning our spring/summer gardens. Like deadheading, pruning shrubs can promote flower and fruit production too. 

This is a key job in autumn to ensure shrubs and bushes retain their shape, although some pruning can be done during the winter, other plants can’t withstand the colder temperatures following pruning, so completing this whilst temperatures are still quite mild is best for more tender plants. 

Not only this, but pruning shrubs back to contain growth can also prevent any fungal diseases from setting in, ensuring your garden stays healthy and vibrant all year long. 

As mentioned before, it is always wise to follow any trimming, pruning or tidying to make sure all garden waste is taken away, as old foliage left to rot can affect your growing plants. 

This can feel like a bigger job, so why not consider using a hedge trimming service to have it done in a day, whilst you can focus on planning your spring planting! 

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