Garden maintenance services in Surrey

Are you looking for professional, friendly and reliable garden maintenance services in Surrey? Well, you’ve come to the right place! 

The team at Rosewood Garden provide a comprehensive range of garden services and garden maintenance for both domestic and business clients. Our experienced team of gardeners are passionate horticulturists, who love transforming and maintaining outside spaces to ensure they always look their best. 

Who are Rosewood Garden Maintenance? 

We are a family run business, that transformed our passion for all things horticultural into a thriving local business. (During the pandemic we might add!) We’ve had our fair share of challenges, but what started out as a father and son duo has now grown into a fully-fledged team of experienced gardeners and we couldn’t be more proud. You can meet each of the team members by clicking the link here

What Services do we offer? 

We cover a comprehensive range of services for both domestic and commercial clients. Whether you want a one-off garden clearance, regular maintenance or everything in between, we will do everything we can to make sure your garden looks it’s absolute best. 

We are based in Surrey and cover within 15 miles of our hometown of Shepperton. 

Mowing and grass cutting 

Good lawn mowing does more than just keep the lawn at the desired length. When lawn mowing is done properly, the density of the lawn increases and this, in turn, decreases weeds. 

Hedge trimming and shaping 

Overgrown hedges can pose health and safety risks to both domestic and commercial properties, blocking pavements and overhanging into entryways. Whether you need a hedge trimmed for safety reasons, or you’d like it shaped to be more aesthetically pleasing, our team are experienced when it comes to sorting out unruly hedges! 

Weed removal and prevention 

Weeds can be a pain all year round, but they continue to grow whether we like it or not! They compete with plants and lawn for water and nutrients, making your garden less attractive in the process. Here at Rosewood, we tackle weeds the good old fashioned way, by hand, ensuring we remove the entire weed and minimise any chance of it returning. 

Turf laying and lawn care 

As we approach the warmer days of spring, turf laying will become an increasingly popular task for our team and rightly so! The occasional rainy days will help the turf establish in time for summer. 

We also undertake all kinds of lawn care, such as edging and trimming, weed control and caring for your borders.

Planting and seeding 

Perhaps you simply don’t have the time to create the garden you’ve always envisioned, or your health has declined which means you can’t spend the time you’d like out with nature. 

Whatever the reason, the Rosewood team are here to help. We can simply plant shrubs, flowers or seeds that you provide, or we can consult you on what we think would look great in your individual garden. Bring your garden to life with bursts of colour with a selection of annuals and perennials! 

Get your garden ready for Spring

If you could benefit from our garden maintenance services in Surrey, then do not hesitate to get in touch! We get very busy in the lead up to spring, and we’re in the process of recruiting more team members to help with throughout the busy seasons. We would love to hear from you and help your garden shine! Give us a call on 07393 821797 or fill out the form to get in touch.