How to make your own Christmas wreath

Making a Christmas wreath is a fun and easy task to keep you busy in the run-up to the big day. Not only do they look great hung up on your front door, but you can cut the costs and use foliage from your very own garden to make something truly unique! Here are some inspiring designs that you can try for yourself… 

Make a wildlife-friendly wreath 

Christmas wreaths typically include berries like rosehips, holly and pyracantha to add a splash of colour, all of which are enjoyed by birds in winter. You could create a wreath that not only looks great but can be enjoyed by the wildlife too! 

The base could be made from dogwood stems, in both red and green. Bend the dogwood stems together and tie them loosely into a loop, using florists wire to secure them. Gently bend the frame into a circle, creating the classic wreath shape. 

Push sprigs of rosehip and/or pyracantha into the stems, making sure they are tightly packed so they don’t fall out. 

This simple wreath could be attached to a fence or a shed, attracting birds who need nutrient-rich berries to maintain their energy levels in the colder months. 

Foraged Christmas wreath

Another alternative to a wreath base is willow. Twisted willow, otherwise known as salix turtuosa is the perfect material from which to form your base ring.  Once made, it will dry out and firm up and can be used year after year.  Twisted Willow is a great plant to have in the garden too.  It has fantastic architectural quality in winter! 

To create the main body of the wreath, you could use foraged moss from your garden (dried out of course) or cut some stems from your Christmas tree. Holly is also a great base but can be tricky to work with. 

Create your own pattern with pieces foraged from your garden or local park, such as rosehips, fern fronds, cotoneaster horizontalis berries, hazel catkin twigs or Christmas tree offcuts. 

Brussels sprouts Christmas wreath 

For a fun contemporary twist, why not experiment with things from your kitchen? Whether you love them or hate them, brussels sprouts are truly a Christmas staple and make for a great alternative to a traditional Christmas wreath. 

Creating a base using natural materials or picking up a wire ring from your local florist, you’re going to need some wire to attach the sprouts to the base. Sprouts are hard- so it’ll take some pushing! Once the wire is through the sprout, wrap the wire around the base to secure it firmly and continue until the entire base is covered. 

You can add splashes of colour using more edible pieces… Bell peppers, shallots, oranges… anything you can think of! Evergreen leaves are a great way to break up the larger pieces and will keep the wreath looking fresh throughout the festive season. 

Have you had a go at making your own Christmas wreath this year? We’d love to see them! Send us a message on our Facebook or Instagram and attach images of your wreath- we’d love to share them to our followers.