Top Tips For a Low Maintenance Garden

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Do you love your garden but prefer to spend time enjoying it than working on it? Whilst we love pottering about in our garden whenever we get the chance, we appreciate not everyone has the time to dedicate to the upkeep. In our latest blog, we outline some ways you can achieve a low maintenance garden.

Lose The Lawn

There’s no escaping the fact that lawns demand a lot of attention. You blink and the grass has grown a couple of inches! One instant timesaver is to replace your lawn with paving slabs or decking. Cutting down on the hours you need to spend mowing and raking each month will leave you free to focus on your vegetable patch or flower borders.

We love a good lawn here at Rosewood, and we consider them a staple of any garden. If you don’t like the idea of switching it out for something a little more hard-wearing, then why not do what you can to make the lawn you have less high-maintenance? Lawn edging is your best friend. Grass can easily take over your garden borders if left unchecked. Installing some simple stone or wooden edging addresses both issues – and it also looks lovely!

Say Goodbye to Weed Killing With Mulch

Mulch is a great way to hydrate and keep your soil healthy. As it combats weeds getting through your plants, then you can utilise mulch to your advantage. Especially in low maintenance gardens, mulch will take care of a lot of issues with the weeding and watering of your plants because of the moisture a good organic product can give. Once you’ve spent some time adding mulch to your borders, you can sit back in blissful denial of the invasive plants for a good couple of months.

Go Green For a Low Maintenance Garden

When it comes to plants, that is. Conifers, grasses and certain varieties of the shrub are all low maintenance garden plants that can add texture, height and colour to your garden without being too demanding of your time. Consider periwinkle, daffodils or ferns. Different varieties of green will give your garden lots of texture whilst requiring little attention.

If you’re a fan of flowers but don’t have time for tons of weeding and pest control, then opt for a wilder touch. Billowing borders can look beautiful filled with a jumble of hardy meadow blooms and grasses. Plus, pollinators will love it! Plant a handful of easy-care perennials such as Echinacea, Salvias, and Achillea – all you’ll need to do is cut them back at the end of the flowering season.

Swap Hedges for Fences

Hedges can look very attractive, if well kept – but they do tend to be rather high maintenance. They’ll need regular trimming, especially if they’re at the front of your property alongside a public footpath, and this can quickly become time consuming.

Replacing a hedge with some high-quality fencing will require some initial outlay, but save you considerable upkeep over the years to come. If the hedge is at the front of your property, you’ll also be improving your home’s security – a dense hedge reduces visibility. A low fence or brick wall adds kerb appeal and will instantly cut down on maintenance, so it’s a win-win. Here at Rosewood, we’ve been erecting a lot of fences recently, in time for our customers to enjoy the Summer months in their gardens!

A Note From Us Here at Rosewood

We believe that everyone should enjoy their garden and not see it as a chore that needs to be done. We hope these tips help you to achieve a more low maintenance garden, but if you do need help maintaining your outdoor space, our professional and friendly team have a wealth of experience when it comes to garden maintenance! Get in touch with us to get booked in, or follow us on Facebook to follow what we get up too!