Winter Garden Preparation

As the days draw in, Winter Garden preparation is a must for any keen gardener, many of us are getting ready to spend most of our time indoors but this doesn’t mean an end to the gardening season! 

There are still some steps you can take to help keep your garden looking tidy and prepare it for the colder weeks ahead. 

Here at Rosewood Garden Maintenance, we have some great tips to help prepare your garden for Spring!

General tidy up

It’s quite common following the busy summer months that mess can creep in, from both inside and out! Barbecues, drinks on the decking, or just enjoying dining alfresco with the family can result in lots of forgotten jobs, or areas we just haven’t gotten around to.  Now is the time to cover over any outdoor furniture, put away the children’s toys and check for any mislaid household items. This can help prepare for the garden clean-up, plus put an end to the missing plate debate!

Clear away any dead foliage. 

This does wonders for keeping a winter garden looking clean and tidy, but also helps any shoots for spring push their way to the surface, ensuring your spring garden bursts into life! Dead stems, leaves and plants that are left to rot can be a source of pests, disease and fungus so removing these will help keep your garden healthy, so now is the time to be pruning away any dead foliage and weeding away any persistent plants.

Take some plants inside.

Many of our favoured spring/summer plants just aren’t hardy enough for winter, but don’t let them go to waste – bring what you can inside, or into your greenhouse. This helps keep any frosts off them, whilst ensuring you will have a mature plant to enjoy when the seasons change once more. 

Plant your spring bulbs.

Now is the time to get planting those spring blooms that bring so much joy, spend some time thinking of your garden layout, and experiment with different possible colour themes!

Replenish Compost.

Adding a thick layer of compost on top of any fallen leaves has proven benefits for your garden, whilst many people believe the garden is asleep during winter – there is much going on beneath the surface! Compost and mulch help regulate soil moisture and temperature, as well as adding much needed nutrients into the soil. This can be a messy job, but one we relish as part of our garden maintenance service! 

Finally, keeping your garden both tidy and healthy during the winter months is possible with just a bit of planning and preparation. Making sure that work is undertaken in the colder months, makes for less work in the warmer ones, meaning you have more time to simply enjoy your outdoor garden space. If you feel like any garden work is too much for you, there is always the option of hiring one of our friendly team to do the hard work for you! If you are looking for Garden Maintenance Services in Surrey please get in touch for a chat. https://rosewoodgrounds.co.uk/get-in-touch/