The Big Butterfly Count

The Big Butterfly Count begins on Friday 12th July 2024 and will run until Sunday 4th August. Organised by The Butterfly Conservation, this vital citizen survey aims to assess the health of our environment simply by counting the amount and type of butterflies (and some day-flying moths) we see. Why is the Big Butterfly Count […]

Why you should always plant flowers in your vegetable patch

If you’re still growing flowers and vegetables on opposite sides of your garden, it’s time to rethink your garden plan! “Companion” planting flowers and vegetables in the same beds is a strategy professional growers use to boost yields and keep crops healthy, and it’s easy and beneficial for beginners to do, too. What are the […]

5 flowers to plant for a bee-friendly garden

Planting certain seasonal flowers is not only kind to bees, but you’ll also enjoy a ‘bee-autiful’ garden as a result! Here are five bee-friendly flowers to plant that are perfect for this time of year and will create a buzzing haven for our vital pollinators. Wonders of Nature Honeybees are wonders of nature. You may […]

April Gardening Guide: Blooms, Buds & Bliss!

April is a magical time in the garden. As the days lengthen and the sun warms the soil, our green spaces come alive with the promise of warmer, brighter weather. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a budding enthusiast, here are some April gardening tasks to embrace this month: Bedding Plants and Frost Protection April […]

Five benefits of using a pressure-washing service

Pressure-washing is simply a jet of pressurised water that is used to clean dust, dirt, and algae from stubborn surfaces. The intensity of the jet can vary depending on the strength you require for the material being cleaned, and there are different sizes of washers for small and large jobs. The start of spring is the […]

Artificial Grass VS Turf: Which one is right for your garden?

It’s that time of year again where many gardens get an upgrade just in time for Summer. Perhaps you’re stuck deciding between traditional turf, and the ever-popular artificial alternative? Both choices have their benefits, so in our latest blog, we thought we’d go through the pros and cons of each.  Things to think about before […]

Is it too late to plant spring bulbs in February?

The first few months of the year can either move spectacularly slowly or surprisingly fast. Either way, you may be shocked to realise you’ve forgotten to plan your spring bulbs! Is it too late to plant your spring bulbs now? The short answer is no, not at all, But there are a few things you […]

Gardening in January: Preparing for spring

January might be the middle of winter but as the days lengthen the garden starts to grow. Now is a great time to plan for the coming gardening year and to order seeds and plants. Let’s take a look at some jobs you could be getting on with to prepare for the warmer months ahead. […]

How to make your own Christmas wreath

Making a Christmas wreath is a fun and easy task to keep you busy in the run-up to the big day. Not only do they look great hung up on your front door, but you can cut the costs and use foliage from your very own garden to make something truly unique! Here are some […]

How to care for your houseplants this winter

As we head towards the end of the year, our gardens won’t be getting much attention due to the good old British weather! If you have houseplants to look after, they will be slowing down and preparing for the winter months ahead. Let’s take a look at what you can do to help them get […]